Store Settings ๐Ÿ› 

IMPORTANT If you have not configured your config.env file, your store will not run. Please see Creating a New Store.

In the initial load of your Store, you will be prompted for the name and Publishable API key of your store.

config0 initial

You can change both of these later from the /config?tab=4 route. (see below)

config0 settings1

Publishable API key

Depending on the environment in which you're setting up your Store (either test or live), you need to use the appropriate Publishable API key. For more information, see Setting Up Stripe.

IMPORTANT The products that you create in your store will be tied to either your test or live key โ€” make sure that you don't set up your entire suite of products on the test key, and then are unable to make your store live!