welcome! let's make a store

who among us has not wanted to sell products online, without hooking into an entire ecommerce platform??

beluga is open-source software for creating your own ecommerce site

Built with React + Node.js, and using Stripe for payment processing.

  • Design your own Store
  • Create Products and Collections
  • Cart and Checkout Pages
  • Order Admin View
  • Email Confirmation and Shipping Updates
mock checkout
🐋beluga will be your jam if:
  • 🎁you want to sell products online
  • 🎨you want full control over the look and feel of your store
  • 💰you want to save money by hosting your own site
  • 💻you are comfortable working with React + Node.js
you'd be better off with an ecommerce platform if:
  • 🖍you don't want to write code to create your store

    at a minimum, you will need to write JSX to create your landing page

  • 🙇you want customer support while setting up your store

    beluga is open-source software! not a paid service :)